Tips on Writing Web Content

When clients come to your website, they study each and every word, twice, before they place an order. It is quite natural; the logic is that if you don’t develop your website content properly why you would you give proper time to their work. They are right! A website is the face of your business. Even if the design of the website is great, mistakes in the content will make it like a gorgeous model that has nose hair coming out of her face, despite of all the beauty, no contract will be given.

The problem of not reading is rather more severe in designers compared to photographers because photography teaches patience that’s why they take time write and proofread the text while designers are always trying to ‘get it over with’. But the problem is both don’t really know how they should write for their websites. Here are a few very quick tips that will enhance the credibility of your website dramatically. I should mention that there are many many web content writers working as freelancers so if you can afford and want to avoid writing and reading this article, just hire them…

Craft it out: you know how I write an article? When I finalize the idea, I first make the points, the headings, like this text you are reading is under the heading “craft it out”. In the same manner when you have your pages finalized, you should start making points, the things you want to mention.
Example: if you are making a “about us” page, you can make points such as: some intro about the workers, we are very experienced, we specialize in this and that and so on.
When you’ll see these points, you’ll get many ideas to improvise them. You can take inspiration from flowcharts, what the client should see first and what should follow, just do it once, you’ll understand.

Professional or Boring: there’s a fine line between sounding professional and sounding boring. You should remember that on web you must never ever sound boring. And you also don’t have to sound too professional i.e. bookish. Write it in common language so that people with a low literacy can also understand it easily, besides these days orders come from all over the world, even from the countries which don’t use English as primary language.

Target Humans: the problem with IT professionals (and sometimes, photographers as well) is that when they make websites, they target search engine robots. You should remember that your clients are humans not some bots. Your text should be fluent without disruptions of keywords. It should flow like a river in the plains.

Inform, Don’t Persuade: in brochures your target is to persuade the reader, in websites, this doesn’t work. Here your target is to inform them about what you do, you shouldn’t sound desperate. Fairly publicizing isn’t a bad thing though.

Be Brief: even though your clients are gonna read it thoroughly, that doesn’t give you a right to waste their time. Keep it brief, that’s the way they like it.

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