Here’s an actual home page anatomy.  An effective one at that! LOL

So often conflicts arise with FUN clients. LOL

As a web designer you are bound and determined to at one point and time come across a troublesome client. There are know-it-all clients, the low-tech clients, the day-late clients, and many more.

No matter what their nature may be they exist and seem to come by all too often. Learning how to communicate with these clients can immensely change the outcome of your day-to-day productivity as well as your overall success.

Designer Jobs

Food, safety and a roof over our heads all come before “self actualization” according to Maslow’s hierarchy of needs. IOW, it’s hard to tap into your inner-unicorn if you can’t afford to pay the rent.

To help designers, we’ve researched different sectors to see which one has the most fulfilling, unicorn-friendly jobs. As it turns out, you can’t have it all. When it comes to design jobs, you can be well-paid, well-employed, or love your job — but not all three — but you could be lucky and have it all as you wished!